Milk Thistle Extract

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Nutritious food is definitely required for a healthy liver. However, all of us tend to fall sick in our entire lifetime due to one or the other reason. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to consume medicines and the consumption of medicines becomes almost unavoidable. Nevertheless, it is important to note that drugs are not safe if taken on a regular basis. The dangerous effects of various drugs have to be taken care of by the balancing act and this is where the work of Milk Thistle Extract comes into effect. Milk thistle extract is a very effective balancing agent. This extract not only benefits the liver but even the other cells found in the human body.

The Benefits

The benefits of the herb called milk thistle have been known since centuries. Most traditional and new uses of this herb have a close relation with the benefits produced for the liver. It works in the form of a tonic for the liver and has been traditionally used by healers throughout the world. Silymarin is the most active ingredient found in milk thistle and there are scientific studies that prove the fact that this compound is very effective in treating various health issues in human beings.

Milk Thistle ExtractPrescription Drugs

There are no quality prescription drugs available for the treatment of hepatitis, liver damage that is toxin induced or cirrhosis. These are diseases that are considered to be degenerative and chronic. Milk thistle extract is said to protect the liver from these dangerous diseases and has therefore come up as a completely new choice in treatment of various diseases related to the liver. A number of clinical trials are still ongoing in this field. Clinical studies have come up with the fact that milk thistle extract improves the functioning of the liver in many people suffering from hepatitis C and HIV. It also works as a very advantageous health supplement. Using this extract is place of prescription drugs has worked wonders for the liver as many prescription drugs are toxic and can cause a lot of damage to the liver.


Recently, researchers have come up with the study that proves the effectiveness of milk thistle extract in the prevention and the treatment of cancer. The Silymarin present in this herb targets different molecules that play an important role in the progression and development of cancer. The antioxidant properties of this herb can also not be ignored.

As a Hangover Cure

Milk thistle extract can effectively be used in the form of a hangover cure. This means it protects your liver against the damage caused by alcohol and various other harmful toxins. This is considered effective as the main job of the human liver is to purge and cleanse the human body of harmful toxins. Many people use this extract before they set out to drink because it starts working immediately against alcohol intake.

For Treating the Death cap Mushroom Poisoning

If you happen to be poisoned by death cap mushroom, you can easily use milk thistle extract in the form of an antidote. It has been proved through studies that this extract helps in doing away with the toxic effects produced by the mushroom.

The Verdict

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Milk Thistle Extract is also known to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It even helps in liver in repairing itself by the growth of new cells. It is indeed helpful in not only treating the various damages caused to the liver but in increasing the life span of the liver. It is best to use this extract in place of the other drugs that are used for treating the liver as it does not have any side effects on the human body. Scientists are looking out for the other methods or uses of this herb and are conducting great many studies in this field. The benefits or the uses of this herb are not known to many and this is the reason why it is not used widely. However, attempts are being made to popularize the use of this herb as a natural cure for many diseases related to the liver.