Milk thistle extract: Understanding its benefit

When you crush the leaves of milk thistle, you get a white fluid which looks like milk. Thus milk thistle gets its name from its white fluid appearance. This plant is found in southern areas of Europe, Russia and northern parts of Africa. There is evidence that milk thistle extract has been used to cure liver disorders around 4th century BC. During ancient times the fluid was extracted by using a simple mortar and pestle. Today however the process has become more refined.

How does it work?

The main ingredient in milk thistle is a bioflavonoid compound known as Silymarin. Silymarin has 3 main ingredients like Silybin, Silidianin and Silychrstin. Silybin is said to be the most active component of Silymarin. How do you consume it? There is no official dosage guidelines mentioned when using milk thistle. However experts would recommend using 70 mg of Silymarin three times daily.

Milk Thistle ExtractWhat are the effects of using milk thistle?

The extracts of milk thistle has its various benefits which are explained below-

Protecting the liver from damages

When you take Milk Thistle Extract thrice daily, you would prevent any liver damage from occurring. Patients suffering from liver cirrhosis, acute hepatitis in the liver and fatty liver conditions are benefited from its regular usage.

Lowering glucose level

Researches undertaken in Institute of Medicinal Plants at Tehran have shown that daily intake of milk thistle lowers the glucose level among Diabetic patients.

Cure to treat mushroom poisoning

Mushrooms are delicious to eat but they can be dangerous too. When you eat a poisonous mushroom, you would need to be treated for poisoning by drinking extracts of milk thistle.

Aids digestion

Many people drink the extracts of milk thistle to help their digestion. By drinking this extract, the fats, carbohydrates and proteins in your body gets metabolized easily. This helps in your digestive process.

Controls the growth of cancer cells

People suffering from cancer use various alternative treatments apart from traditional medications to control the growth of cancer cells in their bodies. When these patients consume extracts of milk thistle on a daily basis, the growth of cancer cells can be averted. This treatment has been very effective in treatments related to breast, colon and cervical cancer. Here the level of cell damage which occurs due to radiation and chemotherapy can also be averted, to some extent.

Other benefits of using extracts of milk thistle

•    The consumption of milk thistle juice by the elderly has therapeutic effects and the degeneration of the disease can be prevented.

•    Many women consume extracts of milk thistle as it has anti-ageing elements which prevent ageing from setting in. The extracts of milk thistle have also been used in many popular anti-ageing creams in this regard.

•    If you are suffering from skin problems related to skin sunburns, you can use this extract to treat your skin problems.

•    Consumption of milk thistle extracts for women undergoing menopause is very beneficial. However you should consult your doctor before drinking it.

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