Medical malpractice cases: Become more aware in the next few minutes

When a healthcare provider or a healthcare professional provides treatment which is below acceptable standard practice, then a case of medical malpractice might have occurred. The basic guidelines of a medical malpractice would vary from country to country. Some medical practitioners invest in liability insurance policies, so that they can protect themselves if they get involved in any Medical malpractice cases. A survey undertaken in 1984 indicated that around forty four thousand patients died in hospitals due to specific malpractice, in US. This fact has been further strengthened when Centers for Disease Control and Prevention undertook a survey which showed that more than seventy five thousand patients die annually in hospitals due to various infections they incur there.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Important Facts Which Cannot Be Ignored

•    The Bureau of Justice Statistics has indicated that the percentage of Medical Malpractice Cases in US is growing every year at an alarming rate.

•    50% of these trials are against surgeons who did not follow the right technique to heal their patient’s disease.

•    For people who are non-surgeons the percentage is around 33% in US alone.

•    The Bureau of Justice Statistics has indicated that only 27% of all the malpractice trails related to medicals have been won in US.

What are the different types of medical malpractices faced by patients?

Misdiagnosis by a medical practitioner

The first type of medical malpractice occurs when the medical expert’s diagnosis’s the condition of the patient in a wrong way. This wrong diagnosis further worsens the condition of the patient and the patient might die also in some cases.

Inappropriate treatment of injuries

The second condition of medical malpractice occurs when a patient is treated with a treatment which is not accurate in nature.

Wrong drugs prescribed

Most medical experts look into the medical history of the patients before they prescribe any medicines for treatment. This caution is necessary when people suffer from allergies which could aggravate their existing conditions. Sometimes the doctor prescribes medications which prove fatal for the patients. The patient here might die also.

Few medical malpractice examples

Inappropriate examination method used on the patient

A construction worker was admitted in a hospital with head injury. During the process of examining his condition, the medical expert in charge, examined his rectal area. The patient opposed this examination mentioning that it had nothing to do with the head injury he had suffered. But the medical practitioner used force and checked the rectum area of the patient. Later when the patient filed a case of medical malpractice it was mentioned that the rectal check was needed to find whether the spine was damaged or not.

Wrong treatment for Diarrhea

A patient suffering from acute diarrhea was admitted at a hospital in Dallas. She was put on an antibiotic IV. However the duration of the IV was prolonged and this damaged the nerves in her ear area. The lady does become deaf for life.

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