Fentanyl – what you need to know before use it

Fentanyl is a highly potent synthetic opioid analgesic, stimulating the receptors. It works about 100 times stronger than morphine, because it is better dissolved in fats and freely penetrates the blood-brain barrier, so fentanyl abuse is important to understand.

Good way to calm down – fentanyl abuse

The basic effects of his action are anesthesia and sedation.

Other effects of opioid receptor stimulation are:

  • Calming the breath,
  • Reducing the impact rate below 50-60,
  • Slowing of body motility.


As opposed to morphine and pethidine, fentanyl does not require histamine conditioning, which is responsible for postural and edema postures.

The analgesic effect of fentanyl is related to blood cells located in the blood plasma. They are generally out and about when toxicity will increase with increased tolerance to opioids. However, the later phenomenon of tolerance is that the body is somehow accustomed to taking medications and is doing and maintaining the need to administer more and more doses to get a warning effect. The pace of development of tolerance varies from patient to patient, so it is important for the physician to prepare for proper use.

The occurrence of a slowdown in respiratory function depends on the dose of fentanyl administered. However, when taking this medicine, be aware that this is a serious problem because it is a matter of tolerance of the body to decrease the amount of breaths and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor.

When to use fentanyl?

For adults, this preparation is indicated for the treatment of severe chronic pain, which can be appropriately treated only with opioid analgesics.

For children, the preparation is indicated for long-term control of severe chronic pain in children. However, it can only be given from the second year of life. In case connect with an younger children, opioid therapy is not recommended. Before any use of this medicine – contact with a specialist is absolutely must have. There are no expects. You can gain more information about this in world wide web.

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