Fentanyl patch high – safety of use

Any person who wants to use fentanyl must know when to look for extreme caution. Certain diseases and other circumstances may contraindicate the use of this medicament or indication to modify the dosage of the preparation. In certain situations it may be necessary to carry out specific control tests.

When the drug is used excessively can develop tolerance and psychological and physical dependence, so you need to know this drug deeply. Dependency after opioid administration is rare. Patients with addiction to drugs or alcohol abuse are more likely to develop addiction and opioid abuse.

For all severe opioids, significant respiratory disturbances may occur during use of the product – patients should be monitored for this effect. Depression of the respiratory center may persist even after removal of the patch. The probability of this occurrence increases with increasing the dose of the preparation. Patients with existing respiratory depression should use the drug with caution and in a smaller dose – definitely avoid fentanyl patch high.

Fentanyl patch high – What to do if side effects occur?


Misuse or improper use of the preparation may result in:

  • overdose
  • death

Persons who have experienced side effects associated with the preparation should be monitored under strict medical care for 24 hours after removal of the patch. Concentration of the active substance in the blood gradually decreases.

Should be stored out of reach of children both before use and after skin removal. For the chronic treatment refractory pain requiring chronic use, the physician will determine the expected results for pain and quality of life. If the improvement does not occur within the timeframe, your doctor will consider discontinuing treatment and will determine further use. Almost all patients, despite the use of transdermal fentanyl, require additional using of fast-acting high-potency drugs to control piercing pain. If you want to know more about it – read more on this site, where we share a lot of useful information.

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