Fentanyl patch: Get your facts right

In medicinal pain treatment Fentanyl is used in conditions of extreme pain. Fentanyl was discovered in 1960 by Paul Janssen. What is a Fentanyl patch? This patch has Fentanyl in it and is placed over the patient’s skin. The patch then works on the body and slowly gets released into the blood over duration of 2 to 3 days. During this period the patient’s pain level diminishes immensely. A single dosage of this patch would last for minimum 3 days.

Are they any side effects?

Breathing problems

Fentanyl PatchWhen patients with chronic pain are put on a patch which has Fentanyl in it, they might suffer from acute breathing problem. This is a regular side effect faced by patients who are starting on the Fentanyl dermal patch. Most medical experts do not prescribe this patch for patients who have already undertaken narcotic pain medications after their surgery. If you are having symptoms of slow and shallow breathing, your doctor needs to be consulted immediately.

Do not raise your body temperatures

When you are using a Fentanyl Patch do not raise your body temperatures by undertaking activities like sunbathing or enjoying a warm bathe in a tub. When you increase your body temperature, high levels of Fentanyl would be released into your blood. This could be dangerous for your body and create unnecessary health complications.

Life threatening for your unborn fetus

If you are using this patch during your pregnancy for long durations, your unborn child’s health can be affected. Thus your child might become withdrawn and it thus becomes essential that you consult a medical expert and manage your pain using some other alternative treatment.

Suffering from hallucinations

Most patients complain about mental confusion and hallucinations in some cases, when they have used the Fentanyl transdermal patch for some time. In acute cases the patient might also suffer from dizziness and bouts of anxiousness. Here it is essential that you immediately contact your doctor to avoid any medical health complications.

Is there any precaution to be taken when you use this patch?

•    Your doctor should have a clear idea of your medical history before you are put on these patches.

•    If you are taking any vitamins or nutritional supplements, your doctor should be made aware of it.

•    In case you have suffered from paralytic ileums, your doctor should be informed. In this case he would then not put you on these Fentanyl transdermal patches.

•    One of the side effects of using these patches is slow heartbeat. If you suffer from similar medical conditions, then keep your doctor informed.

•    When breastfeeding your child consult your doctor whether you can use these patches to control your pain.

•    Do not consume alcohol or any product which has traces of alcohol when using these patches which has Fentanyl in it.

•    When using these patches your doctor might advise you to have grapefruit juice.

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