Exploring the different herbs found in herbal sleep paids

According to the survey undertaken by the National Institutes of Health it has been mentioned that the percentage of people suffering from insomnia is increasing every year. Researchers from University of Rochester have further stated that people suffering from insomnia are prone to traffic accidents during the day and also miss out on their office work. Thus when the situation is so critical, it becomes essential that they use herbal paids which have powerful ingredients that help them to sleep and soothe their nerves.

Herbal Sleep AidsWhat are the different herbs found in these pads which aid sleep?

When you suffer from insomnia, you self medicate yourself with over the counter medications which help you to sleep in the night. But using these pills for long durations have side effects on your health and make you addicted to them. Thus it becomes essential that you use these pads which have powerful herbs in them. Some of the popular herbs are:

1.    Kava-Kava

The use of Kava-Kava to cure insomnia is very popular in US. When this herb is used in the herbal paids available in the market, you would immediately sense your nerves relaxing and a general feeling of calmness enveloping your body.  Kava-kava is also used to heal the body from acute fatigue. However long term usage should be avoided as this leads to disorder in the liver.

2.    Valerian

When you suffer from insomnia most people have heard about Valium. The natural herb of Valerian is an herbal source of Valium. When Valerian is used in a pad which aids sleep for its users, the user immediately relaxes and the mental and muscle stress in the body gets dissolved easily. Valerian is very effective when combined with other herbs and one should be careful when consuming it. Otherwise you might suffer from headaches, heartbeat problems and even dizziness. When you are driving or lead an active life, the consumption of Valerian should be avoided at all cost.

3.    Chamomile

From ancient times Chamomile has been used to stimulate sleep in both adults and children. Most people consume the extracts of Chamomile in a tea. However they are also used in Herbal Sleep Aids which induce sleep. The best thing about Chamomile herb is that it does not encourage addiction among its users but does it work very efficiently.  If you have allergies to daises or plants like ragweed, you would need to consult a doctor before you use Chamomile herb.

4.    Passion Flower

The first mention if passion flower is found in the manuscripts written in the Aztec period. Here it was mentioned that the extracts of passion flower was used to calm the nerves and induce sleep among people who faced sleeping difficulties. Now days the extracts of passion flower can be found in herbal pads which encourage both the adults and children’s enjoy a good night sleep.  Harmine is the important ingredient in passion flower extracts and this break down serotonnin in the brain. Like Chamomile herb you do not suffer from any side effects when you use the extracts of passion flower in your herbal pads.

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