Correct dosage of Fentanyl citrate

The fentanyl formulation usually takes the form of skin patches (transdermal patches). Do not exceed the recommended dosage because this will not increase the effectiveness of the drug and may harm health and life. If you have any questions concerning the use of this product consult a specialist.

Patch Fentanyl citrate should stick on:

  • a flat surface
  • an unpolluted skin
  • on the trunk or on the upper surface of the shoulders.


Important: another patch should be glued elsewhere.

If the selected spot on the skin has to be cleaned, it should be done with clean water. Do not use:

  • soaps,
  • oil,
  • lotions,
  • other substances.

Before using the patch, the surface of the skin should be completely drained. Patches should not be cut. In the case of small children, to minimize the possibility of removal of the patch by the child, the preferred place of adherence is the upper back. The patch fentanyl citrate should be worn on the skin for 72 hours without interruption. The new one can be glued only after the previous patch image and in any case it must be placed elsewhere in the skin. Before sticking the next patch to the same place should take a few days.

The dosage is individual based on the patient’s opioid intelligence as well as the current severity of the disease and overall patient health.


Fentanyl citrate – Adults

Initially 25 mg / h for opioid patients, assessment of the efficacy of the treatment can be made after 24 hours, if necessary, the doctor may decide to increase the dose at a minimum interval of 3 days (usually 12.5-25 μg per hour).

In case of patients with advanced opioid tolerance when switching from oral or parenteral treatment to transdermal dose, the dose is determined on the basis of the daily daily requirement for morphine. If dosing is discontinued, the dose should be gradually reduced while increasing the dose of another opioid after consultation with the physician, strictly according to his or her recommendations. In patients with impaired renal or hepatic function, the physician may decide to reduce the dose.


In children taking morphine orally at a dose of at least 30 mg / day. Detailed information can be found in the materials provided by the manufacturer.

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